A.T.Hirons Ltd

                 Jewellers 11 Wesley Street PR8 1BN


We are in our third generation Hirons family.

Having started out in Stratford-upon-Avon, our grandfather established a watchmakers.

My father continued after his father but also diversified into jewellery sales.

On finishing college I qualified as a Jeweller,

sort after no less than by Cartier.

But my heart lay with the family.

Our Mission

We have been here in Southport now since 1982

We remain true to the family colours of Black & White - some say humbug! - but we say tradition.

Our aim will always be to give you our utmost attention as we truly believe in long standing independent family businesses.

 We will always go the extra mile & will try to make you smile ;)

Why Us?

We want you to feel welcomed and valued as you enter our shop.

Our dedication to jewellery is second to none.

 With a listening ear plus a respect for your history, stories and future family and friend recommendations, we will hopefully continue to thrive far past our established years here in Southport.